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Australian televoters agree with 2012 result

28 May 2012 at 16:14 CEST

Australia broadcast the three shows over the weekend of Friday 25th to Sunday 27th May. Although the shows were not screened live, the majority of Australians stay away from the internet and news channels to avoid finding out the results prior to the shows being aired.

Broadcaster SBS also avoid putting any spoilers on their website, so that fans can watch as though the shows are live without finding out the results first.

The resuls of the Australian televote for the Final are (number of televotes):-

  1.  Sweden 72,186
  2.  Russia 55,270
  3.  Ireland 50,314
  4.  Italy 36,130
  5.  Denmark 33,638
  6.  Cyprus 27,538
  7.  Germany 24,958
  8.  Greece 22,328
  9.  Ukraine 22,172
  10.  Iceland 21,430
  11.  Moldova 21,220
  12.  Malta 20,878
  13. Turkey 20,402
  14. FYR Macedonia 18,842
  15. Norway 17,694
  16. Serbia 17,160
  17. Lithuania 15,472
  18. Spain 14,164
  19. Romania 13,424
  20. United Kingdom 12,862
  21. France 12,150
  22. Estonia 11,824
  23. Albania 10,902
  24. Azerbaijan 9,400
  25. Bosnia & Herzegovina 8,776
  26. Hungary 7,336

Analysis of results

So, Australia agreed with Europe on the top two countries being Sweden and Russia, but there were major differences between some of the other results.

Jedward of Ireland fared much better with the Australian vote, as did Soluna Samay of Denmark and Ivi Adamou of Cyprus. 

Estonia, Albania and Azerbaijan all finished in the top six of the Eurovision Song Contest, however they all finished in the bottom five in the Australian televote.

Sam & Julia wrap up coverage

It has been an epic year with regards to SBS's coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest, with Julia Zemiro's road trip show from Germany to Baku plus the commentary and on line coverage from Baku.

Julia and her co commentator Sam Pang have a sign off message to the Australian viewers and you can see it below.