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Australian superstar to sing at Eurovision

25 March 2014 at 18:43 CET

She has taken part in the Australian edition of Pop Idol, has released several platinum selling albums and is also a prize-winning actress. Now, Jessica Mauboy has come out as a Eurovision Song Contest diva, as she will form the interval act during the second Semi-Final on the 8th of May.

A huge talent

This comes as good news to Mikkel Bech, Supervising Producer for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest:

“She is incredibly good and a huge talent, and she is really, really excited about travelling to Denmark and standing on the big Eurovision stage”, says Mikkel bech 

“This is huge for her. When we told her that up in the region of 180 million people watch the Eurovision Song Contest, you could tell that she was thinking ‘Gosh, this is going to be huge!’”

DR rewarding Australian Eurovision loyalty

The agreement with Australia came into being when host broadcaster DR decided to reward the country’s unrelenting enthusiasm for the Eurovision Song Contest by inviting them on to the stage in Copenhagen.  

They have decided that Jessica Mauboy will lead the festivities when the Aussies form the interval act for the second Semi-Final:

“She has written a song especially for the Eurovision Song Contest. You can hear it is her, but she reflects the Eurovision spirit perfectly”, says Mikkel Bech.

Representing the new Australia

Jessica Mauboy is not just a prize winning actress and singer, she has also performed for celebrities such as the American talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres. She has an aboriginal background and has been especially chosen by Australian television to represent her country in Copenhagen:

“Jessica is an example of what Australia is all about. Australian TV (SBS) have chosen her because she shows another side of Australia that you maybe have not heard so much about before – she reflects the ‘new’ Australia”, concludes Mikkel Bech