Australian fans meet in Düsseldorf

There were many colourful characters in attendance, some of whom had made very long journeys to attend Europe's Favourite TV Show. Television crews and newspaper press were also present.

At the same venue, Finland's Paradise Oskar was also holding a meet and greet event of his own. When asked about his thoughts on the number of Australian people there he said "It's definitely news to me in Finland! It's great to see all of these Australians here, it's crazy!" spoke to some of the fans and discovered many interesting stories :-

Honeymoon at Eurovision!

Mark & Bethany Moorhouse are actually on their honeymoon, Bethany explains "When Mark proposed to me, the condition was that he had to bring me to Eurovision for the honeymoon, we're here travelling all around Europe with Eurovision being the last stop. We're living the dream."

An Australian living in Düsseldorf

Chris Bayne is an Australian living in Düsseldorf, she talks about her love of the contest "I just came back from Australia, so i'm jetlagged like everyone else. When Germany won last year, I hoped for Düsseldorf and couldn't believe it when they won the bid, you'd have heard my scream when I found out the news!"

Excited about Eric

Zany Zak Dee was sporting an Eric Saade T-Shirt and explained "I've travelled a long way, 28 hours of flying and i'm still buzzing! It's as good as Mardi Gras in Sydney. I'm excited about Eric Saade, Jedward, Amaury from France. It's my first Eurovision, I usually have a party back in Australia and get very drunk, voting on all of the songs!"

Aussie sister act

Sisters Briege and Taryn Eva are from Melbourne, they watch the contest every year, but this is the first time they have been to the contest itself. They are supporting Blue, Jedward and think Alexej from Russia is gorgeous. Taryn says "We dressed as Jedward, we think Blue will win though, but we're a bit upset that Norway didn't qualify." The sisters have been on the front page of German newspapers already with their colourful costumes.

Inbetween the two sisters is Krystel Brown, an Australian living now in Austria. She tells "I moved from Melbourne to Austria last year, so when Germany won I wanted to come but was broke. Some friends back in Melbourne sponsored me to get here!."

Seven flights to get to Eurovision

Madeleine Moss has arguably had the longest journey of anyone to get to Düsseldorf, she explains "I live in Papua New Guinea, I work in overseas aid for the Australian government. I have taken seven flights to get from Papua New Guinea to Frankfurt and then a train journey to Düsseldorf!"

Melissa Bayly is from Perth originally, but lives now in Dubai. She adds "There's no exposure in the middle east at all, so I decided to go last year in Oslo for the first time. My passion won't end any time soon. I think France will win, could be next year in Paris."

Belinda Conn has travelled from the Solomon Islands, she also works for overseas aid. She comments "I've been teaching my colleagues about Eurovision, making them watch videos on YouTube of all of the songs."

Check out the full gallery of pictures from the event

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