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Australia stoked and ready for its Eurovision debut

17 May 2015 at 14:53 CEST
Australia is pretty much as far away from Europe as you can get, yet this year they are making history by participating in the Eurovision Song Contest for the very first time and to say they are excited, is an understatement!

Even before the rehearsal started, it was pretty apparent that the Australian performance was going to be something special. The backstage crew wheeled on six street lamps, all lined with red neon lights. Attached to the base of these were spotlights, which beamed out into the hall impressively.

The ultimate party atmosphere!

It's no secret; Guy Sebastian wants to create a party in the Wiener Stadthalle! The big LED screen at the back shows a moving road, quickly transforming into a nighttime cityscape. Spotlights in red and orange colours dance along to the rhythm of the song, turning the arena into a disco. 

The overarching theme here is night with red, blue, yellow and orange shades dominating. The song finishes with the stage structure lighting up in golden colours. We could sit here all day and describe it but instead, why not take a look at our photos below. They tell more than all the adjectives and superlatives we can come up with!

And of course... there are pyrotechnics! This IS the Eurovision Song Contest after all!

Gallery: Australia: First Rehearsal

There was a definite buzz backstage as the Australian delegation arrived at the Wiener Stadthalle, visibly excited about the prospect of being able to take part in the competition they have so lovingly watched for over 30 years. 

Once the dressing room was located, it was time to get down to work as Guy Sebastian and his backing artists audibly started rehearsing, warming up and getting into the zone. As they emerged to go to their soundcheck, Guy could not stop smiling. It must be a pretty cool thing to be a piece of history in the making!

Gallery: Australia: Backstage

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