Australia: SBS arrives in Düsseldorf

Who are Sam & Julia?

Sam Pang and Julia Zemiro first met when they both worked in a restaurant in their early 20's. They worked together again ten years later on radio, before they were reunited in 2009 to provide commentary on Europe's Favourite TV Show. They are now recognised media personalities with SBS.

Recently, Sam has worked on a history quiz show and a daily show Santo, Sam and Ed's Cup Fever where he reported from the football World Cup in 2010 for SBS.

Julia trained as an actor, of late she has enjoyed success with the show RocKwiz, a music quiz show on SBS, it has run for seven seasons over the past five years.

About SBS

Julia explains "SBS are one of five national stations. They started transmissions in 1983, offering news, sport and drama programmes to a multicultural audience. We're a bit like a channel 4 equivalent in the UK."

Sam adds "After the success of SBS radio, they could see the huge viewing market potential. We broadcast in 60 different languages."

Sam & Julia on Eurovision

Julia always grew up watching the Eurovision Song Contest, whereas Sam did not. Sam says of this "We are the yin and yang here when it comes to Eurovision". Julia however begs to differ jokingly saying "More like the knowledge and the ignorance!!"

Australia had always used the Terry Wogan commentary feed for their broadcasts up until 2008, however, when Wogan decided to quit the contest, SBS decided to send two of their own presenters, to capture the glitz and glamour backstage. It has proven to be a good decision as ratings have increased significantly.

Coverage in Düsseldorf

SBS will screen the three shows on Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May respectively.

Sam explains what the SBS brief is for coverage, "We arrived the day before the First Semi-Final, we're running around backstage trying to capture the energy." Julia adds "The journalists at home are green with envy, but they don't realise that we're on call for 18 hours a day due to the time differences between here and Australia!"

Big flirt off

Sam and Julia admit they love working backstage at these events. Julia explains "We are talking the viewer through the show, as though they are our friend. We hope to get great interviews, in fact there has been a big flirt off between us. Sam has taken a shine to Nina from Serbia." 

Sam responds saying "Julia is way ahead at the moment having made friends with Alex from Russia!"

Legendary Australian Eurovision parties

Sam and Julia both agree that the minor negative of being out in Düsseldorf, is that they miss the huge parties held in Australia over Eurovision weekend.

Julia explains some of what happens during these legendary parties saying "People will dress up, organise sweepstakes, and have drinking games."

Of the drinking games, Julia explains "You are looking for things that will happen. For example if you see anyone in a white suit, you have to take a skol (drink all at once). If there is a big prop, or a wink at the camera, that would also be a skol. Another one is the costume change."

Sam elaborates "Last night, when commentating, before Croatia came on I said that to any viewers having a drinking party, be careful as this one could be the song that sends you over the edge, get your glass filled before Croatia!" will continue it's insight in to the popularity of Europe's Favourite TV Show in Australia tomorrow, when we will be meeting some fans who have travelled from Australia to attend in Düsseldorf.




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