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Aurela Gaçe (Albania) 2nd press conference

05 May 2011 at 16:38 CEST

The singer remarked that she felt very feminine in her costume. The only change made from the first performance was to make it a little shorter so that she could move more freely. She hinted that some new elements might be added later on.

Aurela confided that she likes to change her look a lot. She was a brunette in Festivali i Këngës, Albania's long-running song contest, and she has been seen with a spiked hairdo at other concerts. “I don't like to be natural - but everything on my body is natural! 20 years ago there were no hair colours in Albania and so I like to play with my look now.”

Another gift of freedom was international music, which Aurela began listening to when she was 14 years old. This was also when she started dreaming about performing in large arenas.

Aurela is the eighth person to represent Albania in the contest since it joined in 2004. She is not here to break any records set by her predecessors, but simply to have fun and enjoy singing beautiful music. She is grateful that many people compare her to Tina Turner, whom Aurela idolizes, and thinks it is great if she can give others the goose bump feeling that Tina Turner gives her when she performs. But Aurela is also comfortable in her own skin.

She confesses to having the normal nervousness and emotions that anyone would experience before such an important performance, but in the end: “I was born to sing and so I'm not afraid to show it and share my love with people.”