Aurela Gaçe (Albania) 1st Rehearsal

The 36-year-old artist, who regularly shuttles back and forth from New York to her native country, explained her passion for music: “First let me say I started singing at the age of four ... I’ m loving this arena…my dream just came true. I’ve always dreamed about it and it came true.” She confides that it is actually rather difficult for her to take part in a singing competition because “I don’t want to compete because that’s like a war and singing for me is like love.” Singing is “…like giving love and getting it back. It’s a beautiful feeling.”

Responding to a comment that “Feel the Passion” seemed completely different from how she had performed in the past, Aurela countered: “The music hasn’t changed a bit. We changed a little bit of the energy and how it’s orchestrated, but that’s all…The music is exactly the same, but it’s better because there’s more energy.”

Aurela loves the Esprit Arena venue in Düsseldorf and felt that her first rehearsal went very well, but she confides: “I can’t wait for it to be filled with people because then I can rock it more. It’s going to be filled with energy.” She plans to avoid distractions during the contest, staying in her hotel room to prepare to give all her energy to her fans.

Aurela is also very proud of her music video (directed by Albert Malltezi), which was filmed in her Albania birthplace Vlora as well as other beautiful and picturesque locations throughout her country. “We wanted to show a beautiful part of Albania that people don’t know about. My people are very good-natured and hard-working and we wanted to show that.”

Although Albanian artists commonly wish for more opportunities to sell their albums and earn more money, Aurela has no regrets about her long career in the music business: “Actually my career just started. I have more than 30 years to go. I really love my country and my fans, so, yes, I will come back.”

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