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Attention, Vilija is coming!

30 April 2014 at 12:28 CEST

Attention for the woman in a tutu!

On stage, Vilija was accompanied by one male dancer. With their energetic movements, they conveyed the message of the song - A little bit Attention for the woman and her rights! Together with Vilija's three backing vocalists, they delivered a very good vocal performance.

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After the first run, the singer showed her costume for the Second Semi-Final: a black tutu and a turquoise top. The stage floor was also lit in turquoise. The dominating colours of LEDs were grey, black and white. Pieces of broken glass were shown on them. Some smoke effects were used during the first rehearsal.

Meeting the Lithuanian delegation backstage

"I am feeling completely good. We arrived two days ago. I’ve already been to this city some years ago, but this time I didn’t see a lot, I’ve been practicing all this time," Vilija explained. However, the singer and her delegation visited Euroclub where they met some other participants who they already know from Amsterdam.

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What is Vilija’s song Attention about? "We have a campaign for women rights in Lithuania that I support. My song tells the story that real men don’t buy women", Vilija said. "Maybe it will be colourful," it was the only detail the singer revealed about today's rehearsal.

The members of the Lithuanian delegation wear black and red hats with the logo on them: “In Vilnius, we have Gediminas' Tower that is the town’s landmark. The logo on our hats shows this Tower. And it also looks like a crown so we all are queens and kings,” one of the delegation’s member joked.

Vilija and her team prepared a video snack for their fans. Check it out!