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Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, Ask Eurovision
Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, Ask Eurovision
Photo: EBU

If in doubt Ask Alexa

The European Broadcasting Union has launched a new skill for Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service, which allows users to discover and listen to every Eurovision Song Contest winner on devices including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are voice-controlled speakers, powered by Alexa which can play music, get the news and weather, set alarms and timers, and more. The Eurovision Song Contest skill was jointly developed by the EBU’s Technology and Innovation and Media departments, and allows users in the UK, Germany, Austria and United States to easily discover who has won every Eurovision Song Contest since the competition began in 1956. 

Ask Eurovision

Users can ask questions in English or German. For example, "Alexa, Ask Eurovision who won in…” and then a particular year. Alexa will then ask users if they want to hear the winner and can play every winning entry from 1956 to 2016, from Lys Assia to Ruslana. 

Users can also “Ask Eurovision…. When did the Germans/Germany (or other country) last win?”  or “When is the Grand Final?” as well as “Who has won the most” and “Which countries have never won?” amongst other combinations. Users in the UK will also be able to listen to a live stream of the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final through the skill via the BBC. 

Technological innovation

Simon Fell, Director of Technology and Innovation, said: "The EBU is always at the forefront of innovation and with the growth of voice-controlled devices such as Amazon Echo we wanted to create a tool that provides added value to our flagship co-production. In time we hope to develop the “skill” to allow users to delve even deeper into the Eurovision Song Contest’s rich history." 

"Every year the Eurovision Song Contest gains more fans as they discover the world’s biggest entertainment show," added the EBU’s Director of Media Jean Philip De Tender. "This new skill allows those new to the event, and loyal followers alike, to discover all the great winners from the past and test their friends and family on how much they know about the Song Contest too!"