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Behind the scenes of Armenia's postcard shoot

21 April 2017 at 12:31 CEST
Artsvik films her postcard in Armenia Public Television Company of Armenia
As is now customary, during the live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest, short films are shown between each national entry, known as postcards. We went behind the scenes with Artsvik from Armenia who has just finished shooting her postcard for 2017.

The aim of the postcards this year is to show the most precious and memorable moments for the artists. Winning the Armenian national selection was one such moment for Artsvik who will perform Fly With Me in Kyiv. The Armenian postcard also shows the singer travelling in a hot air balloon, showcasing the beautiful countryside and tourist attractions. The final part of the postcard depicts Artsvik and her team having fun in downtown Yerevan. 

"I had a lot of fun shooting my postcard for Eurovision. We spent the whole day travelling to different locations to shoot the scenes. It was tiring but very exciting", said Artsvik. "One of the most memorable moments from that day was flying on a giant air balloon. It was always my dream and I am very happy to have this unique experience!"  

You can read more about how the postcards of the Eurovision Song Contest in our behind the scenes feature where we followed Douwe Bob from The Netherlands last year. Watch out for Aremenia's postcard during the First Semi-Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest on Tuesday 9th May.