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Artsvik from Armenia spreads love through music

01 May 2017 at 17:34 CEST
Artsvik represented Armenia in 2017 EBU / Thomas Hanses
Being the winner of Armenian national selection in December 2016, Artsvik will represent Armenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with her song 'Fly With Me'.

Shortly before the first rehearsal at Kyiv's International Exhibition Centre Artsvik had no doubts about smooth running of the preparations. “I'm sure the rehearsals are going to be great, because there are a lot of professionals here, so I´m sure I´m in safe hands,” she said.    

When dreams come true   

Artsvik made her way through the world of music and art through hardship and difficult choices. She initially decided to start her career as a speech therapist however later realised it was music that captured her soul. The singer believes that it is crucial to remain true to yourself, be honest with others and pursue the dreams no matter what happens. “Although I started to sing very late, I can say one thing, I know that dreams do come true and I want to encourage everybody to follow their dreams irrespective of age and profession,” said Artsvik.

Love is all we need

Regardless of the results, Artsvik is here at Eurovision to share her music and reach new audiences with one key message; love is love. "I think nowadays world needs a lot of love," said Artivik. The entry will incorporate colourful and mysterious graphics, fireworks as well as two dancers performing on the stage.  

Celebrate Diversity challenge 

When talking to the Armenian participant underlined the importance of 2017 slogan Celebrate diversity that she finds very meaningful and important; “It really shows how so many different countries are united in one place by music”. Artsvik was so inspired by the slogan that even came up with her own idea of creating a Celebrate Diversity Challenge where she challenged other participants to sing traditional songs.

“I’m challenging other participants from other countries by singing folk songs from their countries and in response they sing something traditional from Armenia”, explained Artsvik. The challenge has already been accepted and undertaken by five countries.

Artsvik took to Instagram when she arrived at the venue for her first rehearsal:

Armenia's second rehearsal will take place on 4th May. Artsvik will participate in the First Semi-Final on Tuesday 9th May.