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Artists perfecting their moves backstage

06 May 2011 at 03:00 CEST

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Poland: Magdalena Tul – Jestem
"It's so heavy. I can't move as much as without it, but I will try, and I think it will be okay in the rehearsal. This is the first time I wear the costume. I didn't wear it for the first so that it wouldn't be dirty, since it's white."

Norway: Stella Mwangi – Habba Habba (choreographer Mattias Carlsson)
"The most important thing is that it should be so easy so that people actually can do it themselves. I want the whole audience and the people at home to go along with it. It was the same when I created the flashmob dance for Oslo last year."

Albania: Aurelia Gaçe – Feel The Passion
"The song has something from Albania included. We all breathe the same in this big world, but we still grew up in different countries and have our small differences that make us individual. I don't wanna push it too hard, but I'm from Albania, and I love my country."

Armenia: Emmy – Boom Boom (choreographer Emy Zaryan)
"We have an Armenian boxer called Arthur Abraham, who's fighting for the World Champion title in USA on the same day as the Final. We're dedicating this song to him."

Turkey: Yüksek Sadakat – Live It Up
"We didn't actually change anything, but now we know better what to do. We rented a large room at our hotel after Sunday so that we can practice. We originally had another place to practice, but our hotel was helpful."

Serbia: Nina – Čaroban (Nina on her stage earphones [in-ears])
"They are perfect, it's wonderful to sing when you're hearing the music in your head! When I first put them on, it was a blessing. I would like to sing like this every day."

Russia: Alexej Vorobjov – Get You (backing singer Britta Bergström)
"I have been to Eurovision twice before, with Sweden in 2004 and Belgium in 2006. In the Swedish national selections, I've been a backing singer there since 1996, when there was still a live orchestra."

Switzerland: Anna Rossinelli – In Love For A While
"Of course the Swiss people are interested, but they are also a little bit sad, since we haven't got to the Final for like seven years. I hope it's going to change this year!"

Georgia: Eldrine – One More Day (lead singer Sophio Toroshelidze)
"I have to smile more and be very happy on stage. After the first rehearsal, we changed a few details to be more secure. Tonight, we have a Georgian party, so we invite everyone to come there and enjoy!"

Finland: Paradise Oskar – Da Da Dam
"I've changed the pants and shoes now to something that works with the colours. The shirt is made of entire recyclable materials. There are some strange things in it, like a parachute, old clothes and so on. It's a great idea that works with the song. I'm not concerned about styling, and I'm sure I would get some shit for it anyway, so I might as well wear something comfortable."

Malta: Glen Vella – One Life
"We used our sunglasses already in the final of Malta. It's something cool, we come from a sunny island, so we're friends of sunglasses, and we brought them with us here as well. It's not real glass in mine. I'm trying out different colours, the one that looks best is the one I'll use!"

San Marino: Senit – Stand By
"People in San Marino were unhappy when San Marino didn't participate for a few years. Now, they all look at me to qualify to the Final, as we didn't the other time, in 2008. I'm strong, I'll do my best."

Croatia: Daria – Celebrate
"It's really great to be in Germany, I get to speak German. Since I've been in Croatia for a few months, I've spoke so much Croatian now."