Armenia: Sisters performing together


Anush and Inga's way to Europe's favourite TV-show started in quite a traditional way - their song Jan Jan was sent in to a public contest, organised by the broadcaster AMPTV, then chosen to be in the final of 21 songs. But when they took the stage, there was nothing usual about them - they were an extremely talented duo and if that was not enough then they're also sisters!

They've both studied music in the same music school, later a music instrument on a more professional level, then in the same jazz-vocal department and acted in the same theatre. It's not a surprise they started composing and singing in their early childhood. 

Watch the talented sisters' pop-folk song below and tell us what you think!


Anush and Inga will perform sixth on the 12th of May in Moscow, taking part in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Read more about them here.

Will they qualify and perhaps even win, what do you think?

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