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Armenia: Sirusho's song selected tonight

08 March 2008 at 01:51 CET

2008 marks only the third year of participation in the Eurovision Song Contest for Armenia. Yet, the small Caucasian country is already trying its third different selection mode of a Eurovision Song Contest entry: In 2006, Andre was internally chosen to represent Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest, with his song Without Your Love being chosen by an expert commission behind closed doors as well. In 2007, a full-scale national final, including two semi-finals, was organised in Yerevan. All singers and songwriters had the opportunity to send in their songs, and in the end, a combination of televoting and a jury voted Hayko to represent Armenia in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest  with Anytime You Need. This year, finally, the young singer Sirusho was internally selected to represent Armenia in Belgrade. Her song is to be chosen tonight in a national final out of four proposals, which were selected by an expert jury and Sirusho herself. The competition for songwriters was open to Armenian citizens only.

The Singer

Sirusho was born on 7th January 1987, and she has been performing on stage since she has reached the age of seven. Since then, she has released two albums and she was awarded the Best Female Singer in the Armenian National Music Awards twice. She confirmed her interest in participating in the Eurovision Song Contest already in 2006, when she was part of the Armenian delegation in Athens, accompanying and supporting Andre.

The Songs

The song that Sirusho is going to sing at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest will be picked out of four entries in tonight's national final: 

  1. Strong
  2.  I Still Breathe
  3. Qele qele
  4. I Can't Control It

After Sirusho's performances of the four songs, the TV viewers will be asked for their verdict. The show can be watched live via satellite on Armenia 1 TV, starting at 18:30 CET. Armenia will compete in the first Semi-Final of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, taking place on 20th May in Belgrade.