Armenia punches with their Boom Boom beat

It is this boxing theme that leads the dancers to create a box ring surrounding the singer with their own elastic belts. Emmy herself appears from a giant revolving red glove with her name glittering on it.

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Previous experience

Even if Emmy has lots of experience in singing comeptitions, she's never been in Eurovision before, but we find some Greek members in the Armenian team this year, and some of them were the Friends of Giorgos Alkaios, from last year's Greek entry Opa! 

 It's a very catchy song. The story tells of a girl who's fallen in love with a guy doing nothing except boxing and sports. She asks him to come to the love ring instead of the boxing ring.

Explaining the meaning of what could be thought as nonsense lyrics "chaka" means "nothing" in Armenian, so Emmy sings "boom boom, chaka chaka" referring to her love interest. The choreographer was also the one from Opa! and she has created yet another powerful stage performance around Emmy. Just to remind us all of their presence, we hear some HEY! supporting war-cries.

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Emmy's suffering from a cold from which she'll hopefully recover in the following next few days.

 I'm always waking up with a good mood. That's the most important thing in life, because we're only living one life, and I want to live it good

When up onstage they showed us a white and silver mini-dress and a matching silver boxing belt which Emmy will wear on the night of the first semi-final on Tuesday the 10th of May.

Press Conference

The Armenian Head of Delegation, Ms.Gohar Gasparyan introduced the whole team of singer Emmy, backing singer, choreographer and dancers in what she described as an international team.

The choreographer is Armenian but works mostly in Greece and brought her Greek dancers with her but her dream to be on stage with her country has now come true.

 my purpose for this year is the creation of the boxing ring feeling, that represents very well the mood of the song

Emmy said she's been singing since she was 8, as she was coming from an artistic family and the background helped. After advice from her parents she started singing. She changed her artistic name from Emma to Emmy as there were already two Emmas in the Armenian showbiz.

After praising the stage and the sound, it was the moment to promote their country touristically a bit, taking advantage of their great food, landscape and hospitality. After the Armenian victory at the 2010 Junior Eurovision, they will also host the 2011 event on the 3rd of December and welcomed everyone to attend it.

 we came here for peace and for friendship, to find collaborations in the business, not thinking about the ranking but if you ask me... Top 5 is good for me!!

After wishing good luck to Artur Abraham, the boxer from Armenia that features in Emmy's preview video, she showed her special skill of turning the wrist completely round and be able to shake hands with Branislav Katic, the Press Conference presenter, using her left hand! The Press Conference finished with the whole team inviting the press to join them singing and dancing to Boom Boom

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Successful performer

Emmy grew up in a family where music and art has always played a key role. She got famous already at a very young age and became an idol for many children. She is a record-breaker with her collection of  Grand-Prixs and First Prizes got in international music contests and festivals in Armenia, Cyprus, Russia, Syria, Germany, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia and the Czech Republic. As she's been taking part in several competitions for singers, but not for songs she feels this is the huge one. Emmy also runs the Emmy-B Production Center, which is aimed at discovering new talents in Armenia.  She released 3 albums, 20 music videos, more than 60 songs and hosted several popular TV shows.

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