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Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan to sing LoveWave

19 February 2016 at 19:02 CET
Iveta Mukuchyan has been internally selected to represent Armenia in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Today first information on her song has been revealed: LoveWave will be its title, and you can already check out a small teaser of the official video clip. The premiere of the song and music video will take place on 2 March, on the First Channel of AMPTV and here on!

Today the Public TV Company of Armenia (AMPTV) has released the first teaser of the official music video of Iveta Mukuchyan's entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. The song is titled LoveWave and is the reflection of Iveta's inner world and personal emotions:

Love changes people and their inner world, just like a "love wave" - the first wave of the earthquake - changes the structure of the earth.

The song was created by Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan. The lyrics of LoveWave were written by Iveta Mukuchyan and Stephanie Crutchfield.

You can watch the teaser below:

The official music video of Armenia's entry for 2016 Eurovision Song Contest is a co-production between AMPTV and German BLACKSHEEP Communications. It will be premiered on 2 March on the First Channel of AMPTV and on It will feature Iveta Mukuchyan and Swedish top model Ben Dahlhaus.

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