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Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan records official postcard

31 March 2016 at 20:00 CEST
Recording the Armenian postcard AMPTV
In the past few days, a crew working for the host broadcaster of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest has visited Armenia to record the official postcard that will be shown before the actual song during the live show. Despite the persistent rain, Iveta Mukuchyan, who will sing LoveWave in Stockholm, enjoyed the experience a lot. Check out our footage right here!

"We had only one day for the shoot, but we had so much stuff to do! Despite the constant rain, we still managed to get a lot of beautiful shots of some of Armenia's most iconic places. We also tried to include some symbolic elements like apricot trees, a huge chess board and, for the first time, you'll see me making traditional Armenian bread Lavash. It was truly amazing and I'm really looking forward to seeing the postcard in May. I think you're going to love it", explains Iveta Mukuchyan.

The postcards in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest follow a unique concept that links the artists to their respective home countries. "This year's concept is very unique. We are trying to present the country through the artist - their hobbies, interests, etc. We are using various shots to make the postcards even more beautiful", says director Oliver Martin. "And we're having a great time in Armenia. The capital is very beautiful, people are kind and very hospitable. It's a pleasure to work with Iveta. She's very creative and professional. I think the postcard is going to look great."

You can watch some more impressions from the video shoot in our gallery below:


Gallery: Recording the Armenian postcard with Iveta Mukuchyan