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Armenia: How Inga & Anush were 'high' in Amsterdam

Posted 24 April 2009 at 11:17

"No, no, that’s not what you thought! We both strongly support the healthy lifestyle, go to gym everyday and drink natural juices!" the say in their blog at MyEurovision.
It’s simply a play of words - high (pronounced as 'hai') - means 'Armenian' in their native language, apparently.
"So, we are walking in the streets of Amsterdam, enjoying one of our greatest trips so far, and suddenly we see a guy - with a typical Armenian appearance. Anush says: "Hay a hastat (translated as 'He is definitely 'Armenian')!" and I'm like 'hay a!'. Imagine our faces when the guy turns to us and says: "Girls, it's natural to be high in Amsterdam, why are you so happy about that?" explains Inga.
They decided explanation was useless and continued their trip to a museum.
You can read the full blog post on their MyEurovision profile and see their video below.
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Inga and Anush will perform in the first Semi-Final of Europe's favourite TV-show on the 12th of May in Moscow. Read more about them on their Artist Profile.
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