Armenia decided - Inga & Anush to Moscow

In a televised national final, the Armenian representative for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest has been picked tonight out of 21 entries. The public could cast their vote by SMS, and an expert jury voted on the songs as well. These are the participating artists in order of appearance:

  • Iren - Miayn Du
  • Hasmik Margaryan
  • The Beautified Project - Butterfly
  • Hay - ya - Molto Bello
  • Marta Bulbulyan - Yes Andari Perin Em
  • Inga & Anush Arshakyanner - Nor Par
  • Oxygen - Par Andzrevi
  • Artem Avun - Eternal Fire
  • Shprot - Lucky
  • Hayk Kasparov - Give An Answer
  • Arman Harutyunyan - Come On My Friends
  • Guj - Ko Dem
  • Lilu - Et Ari
  • Davit Minasyan - Kez Yergem
  • Mher - Heart And Soul
  • Dorians - Fly
  • Bambir - Yolk
  • Hripsime Hakobyan - Eli Eli
  • Davo - Dzerker Ver
  • Tigran Petrosyan - Only Time
  • Sergey Grigoryan - Kez Hamar

After all 21 entries had been performed, Sirusho entered the stage to start the voting. She had represented Armenia in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Qélé Qélé, reaching the fourth place. Then, Hayko performed Anytime You Need again - with that song, he had represented Armenia in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

In the end, only the top ten of the combined vote were announced by opening ten envelopes:

  1. Inga & Anush Arshakyanner - Nor Par
  2. Mher - Heart And Soul
  3. Dorians - Fly
  4. Bambir - Yolk
  5. Shprot - Lucky
  6. Tigran Petrosyan - Only Time
  7. Hripsime Hakobyan - Eli Eli
  8. Hay - ya - Molto Bello
  9. Lilu - Et Ari
  10. Sergey Grigoryan - Kez Hamar

Thus, the public and the expert jury voted in favour of the duo Inga & Anush. The two sisters will represent Armenia in Moscow with their energetic song Nor Par, which means New Dance in English. Tonight, they presented a bilingual (English-Armenian) version of that song. Armenia was drawn to take part in the first Semi-Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, to take place on May 12th in Moscow.

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