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Armenia: Aram MP3 all alone on an eclectic stage

28 April 2014 at 12:24 CEST

In his rehearsal, Aram MP3 gave a confident performance, alone on stage, singing Not Alone. He started on a dark stage, with spotlights on him from the back. Then the LED screens lightened up, with flickering lights appearing, culminating in an explosion of lights once the strong rhythm of his song kicked in.

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Towards the end, when the song slowed down, the stage became dark, again with spotlights on Aram MP3, and with a starry sky displayed all along the screens. This eclectic transformation matches the complex development of the song, which almost resembles a whole movie!

Getting ready for the rehearsal

The Armenian delegation had to be ready for their rehearsal already at 7 o'clock in the morning today. "Actually I have been on a one-month promo tour till now, and it feels normal to me to get up early at 5 am", Aram MP3 stated in a good mood when he was picked up from his hotel.

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The day before, the delegation had already explored the city: "It's my first time in Copenhagen, and we were just walking around. It's like a fairytale with all the childhood memories coming up, thinking of Hans Christian Andersen's stories, seeing the little mermaid", Aram told us.

Before his rehearsal, he explained a little more about his performance: "I will be alone on stage. But I will sing Not Alone", he jokingly added. "Originally my song did not have backing vocals, so we thought it would be both nice and unique for me to perform it all alone on stage, also without additional artists or dancers."

So, what will the stage look like? "I am thinking about it now - it will be a big present for me to see the stage for the first time. I'm excited. And a little nervous of course", Aram MP3 told us just before going to his first soundcheck.

As Aram MP3's rehearsal was early, he still had time to have fun today - he enjoyed Tivoli together with the Danish contestant Basim: