Armenia: An energetic performance all in blue

The sisters Inga & Anush, representing Armenia in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest, showed a very powerful performance of their song Nor Par in their first rehearsal today. In the beginning, they were seated on a blue pedestal in the middle of the stage together with four female backing dancers, all dressed in blue. Later on, the sisters stood up and started moving to the beat, while their dancers left the pedestal to perform their energetic dance on the stage floor. The LED screens in the background showed a colourful mix of dots and ornaments, adding to the cheeful atmosphere of the ethno-pop song.


Inga and Anush sing and compose since their childhood. They perform jointly on the professional stage since 2000. They acted together in the State Song Theatre of Armenia. Starting from 2003 they perform also independently. They performed both in Armenia and abroad, eg. in the USA, Tehran, London, Paris, Russia and Germany. On February 14, 2009, the sisters won the Armenian national final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest against 20 competitors. Armenia will participate for the 4th time in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. In all of the three preceding events, the country managed to secure a top 10 placing.

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In the press conference, Inga and Anush were asked what Jan Jan, the subtitle of their 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry, means. They replied that Jan Jan is a symbol of happiness, energy and friendliness towards other people. The Armenian delegation did not want to reveal yet which costumes the two sisters will wear on the night of the First Semi-Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest - it should remain a surprise to the public. When they were asked about the folk elements used in their songs, Inga and Anush explained that it means a lot to  incorporate them and to show the aesthetic value of their national culture to the public.

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