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Arena update: Stage starts taking shape in Düsseldorf

Posted 15 April 2011 at 21:48

There are just over two weeks to go until the first rehearsals for the 2011 edition of Europe's favourite TV show begin and the preparations at the Düsseldorf Arena are heating up big time!
So far the football pitch has been removed and replaced with flooring for the stage and the seats, the press centre is progressing well, the commentator boxes are almost complete and the backstage areas are in the process of construction.
The most exciting development is that the stage is now taking shape on the floor of the arena. Although it is not yet finished, its circular shape and impressive light rigging are already looking great! We are looking forward to seeing the final result very soon!
Take a look at our updated gallery below for pictures of the stage being constructive as well as a sneak preview of the backstage area, press centre and commentator boxes!
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