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Aram MP3 to sing "Not Alone" for Armenia

Posted 14 March, 2014, 19:55

Today, AMPTV premiered it's song for the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest: its a unique ballad called Not Alone. It will be sung by Aram MP3, who was internally chosen to represent Armenia. You can watch the video on Youtube:
{Video#YT, id: ChkJpnOgIwQ}
The music video was directed by Grigor Gasparyan, the actors being Diana Malenko and Vahag Martirosyan. The music of Not Alone was written by Aram himself, while the author of the lyrics is Aram's best friend Garik Papoyan.
The message of the song is: "You should never give up and always fight for love. One kiss can change everything." In our interview, Aram MP3 stated that the message of his song is very complex, almost like a movie. You can watch the feature again right here:
{Video#YT, id: q70V6YHviEc}

The lyrics

Not Alone
Music: Aram Mp3 Lyrics: Garik Papoyan
You're all alone, you're all alone, No shoulder wants you to lean on, You thought this world was too cold And you've made up A whole new world
Don't cry, don't cry little bird Though you are scared and you're hurt You're gonna wake up It's only a dream And why do dreams make people scream
You're not alone...
What if it's all in one kiss That turns all seeds into trees The strongest wind into breeze Enter all doors without keys
What if it's all in one kiss That turns all seeds into trees The strongest wind into breeze What if it's all in one kiss
You're not alone...
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