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Aram MP3's surprise for Denmark

03 February 2014 at 17:30 CET

In the lead-up to the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Armenian representative Aram MP3, who is known as a singer, comedian and showman on home ground, is busy preparing his performance on the biggest music stage in Europe. On Friday, he held a club concert in Yerevan.

He didn't only fill the cozy club with his positive energy, humor and rhythms, but Aram Mp3 had also prepared a surprise for his Armenian audience, as well as for his Danish colleague Emmelie de Forest: He performed a cover version of Only Teardrops in "authentic Armenian style". Watch a video of that moment right here:

As usual for Aram MP3's concerts, every performance turned into a mini-show, each of them including a unique mix of styles and uncovering new facets of the artist. With this eclectic mix, he is set to surprise his international audience when he enters the Eurovision Song Contest stage in Copenhagen in May.

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The concert brought together the former Eurovision participants from Armenia, such as Hayko (2007), Inga and Anush (2009), and Emmy (2011), whom one can notice in the front of stage applauding, singing, dancing and fully enjoying Aram Mp3’s show.

"He's got everything one could ever need for the stage: charisma, artistry, good taste, talent and passion for what he is doing. We have no doubt in his success", Inga and Anush Arshakyans commented.

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