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Aram MP3 reveals plans for Copenhagen

24 March 2014 at 17:51 CET

If you have seen any of Aram MP3's concerts and TV appearances, you'd probably guess that a press conference with him will never just be an ordinary press conference - it will invariably turn into an entertaining show. And that's precisely what happened last Thursday in Yerevan.

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The Armenian Eurovision representative entered the conference stage wearing a viking hat, demonstrating that he already felt the spirit of Denmark despite being in Armenia. For him it's no contradiction to be an emotional singer talking about eternal love, as in his performance of Not Alone, just to make a funny joke minutes later. 

Turning to the video clip of Not Alone, the message of the song is clearly delivered through the video clip, which is in fact a short movie. No matter what hard moments might occur in human relationships, people should feel that they are not alone in their feelings and have the courage to fight for it.

In the end, Aram MP3 also revealed one secret: On May 6, the day of the First Semi-Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, he will be performing as a solo vocalist on stage, without any backing vocalists. Today it was also revealed that Aram MP3 will have the honour of opening the competition, performing first on stage!

Late in the evening on the same day, Aram met his fans at a concert in a fancy music club in Yerevan. As it's usual for him, he presented a wide range of musical styles and showed off the bright contrasts of his voice - and he even came down from the stage to dance with his fans!

If you want to learn more about Aram MP3, check out his artist profile, where you will also find the official video clip of Not Alone, the song lyrics, and a photo gallery!