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Aram MP3: An elegant grey coat with an Armenian flag brooch

02 May 2014 at 14:07 CEST

When we met Aram MP3 backstage before his rehearsal, he said: "It's always hard to get up in the morning and immediately start singing. So I got up early today and did some vocal exercises."

He was wearing his stage clothes for the first time - a dark grey coat with an diamond-shaped brooch in the colours of the Armenian flag, black gloves and black boots. "We are still making our minds up if I should have a grey shirt or a black one, but I like the black one more", he said before proceeding to his soundcheck.

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On stage, the wind machine was used, giving the impression that Aram is facing a storm during his chorus, with his coat fluttering. He was performing all alone, without backing artists, delivering a strong vocal performance.

Pyrotechnical effects are also used to underline the strong message of the song: vertical flames appeared in front of him at the same time as the arrangement of Not Alone picks up in strength. At that very moment, the light scenery on the backdrop also brightens up, with pulsating elements.

Aram MP3 has so far been enjoying his time in Copenhagen:

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"My song is symphonic dubstep"

Relating to the host city Copenhagen, Aram MP3 entered the press conference stage in a partial mermaid costume. "It's my first visit to Copenhagen, and I am a great fan of Hans Christian Andersen, that's why the mermaid costume. My second favourite are the butter cookies", he explained.

He was asked about changes made since the first rehearsal. "We changed the microphone to a standing one, as it looks better", he stated. "We will still have more changes of the lighting but we are feeling it's getting better and better."

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"It's a ballad, but we have dubstep and a symphonic orchestra too. So let's call it symphonic dubstep", he answered the question about the style of his song.

How does he feel to be the favourite with the bookmakers. "It's a great pleasure and a huge support to have this feedback. Of course, it causes a little tension but all in all, I enjoy the feeling."

"Loneliness is a problem that everyone has had in their lives. Of course it might be a bigger problem too, but sometimes just one kiss might be enough - that's the message of the song", Garik Papoyan, lyricist of Not Alone explained.

"After Eurovision I will continue working on my album, and I hope it will be released in fall - wait for it!", Aram MP3 commented on his future plans.