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Aram MP3 - all alone but with a lot of charisma

Posted 10 May 2014 at 15:09

Not Alone is the title of the Armenian entry in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, but in fact Aram MP3 will be performing it all alone on stage - with no additional vocal support, all the singing will come from himself.
These days, the versatile artist has met quite a few of the representatives of other countries in common events with them - check out our gallery below!

Besides all those "official" events, of course, the Armenian delegation have taken their time to enjoy their leisure time in Copenhagen too, and they have shared their photographic souvenirs with us:

And as staff, press and fans could witness at the B&W Hallerne, he is a very spontaneous person, always in for some fun:
{Video#YT, id:X8qjaL0OP0A}
{Video#YT, id:TXFQnzclzzA}

If you like Not Alone, you can also check out a special remix of the song made by DJ Serjo.
{Video#YT, id:kw-rfKMTPJ4}


So, how will Armenia do tonight? We shall find out in a few hours. But one thing is for sure: He can count on the support of his loyal fans:
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