Anti Crisis Girl rocks the hall

The performance today was not in full costume, so there still may be a surprise in store in that respect. The Hell Machine, as the delegation refer to it resembles three cog wheels side by side. There are three male backing dancers, all of which were topless in todays performance.

The lighting display is impressive and flashes throughout. Beside the Hell Machine, is a drum set on a platform with two huge Ukrainian flags. Towards the end of the song Svetlana moves to the platform and plays drums, and is then pulled across the stage while still playing. The song ends with the dancers lifting Svetlana.


During the press conference afterwards, which was again very well attended, the Ukrainian delegation said they were not satisfied with their rehearsals today and feel that they have only shown around 70% of their performance, due to some technical problems they encountered. Svetlana added "It will be in good shape in a few days time. We will get it right for the night."

Svetlana said that she wanted to use the Ukrainian flags with Anti Crisis Girl written on them but felt that when looking back on camera, they obscured the view of the drums too much. She also revealed that she is considering wearing a boxer style belt with her surname on it during the final performance. It is clear that certain aspects of the performance planned for the Semi-Final are still yet to be revealed.

Two of the male backing dancers stepped down from the press conference desk and performed a dance routine for the assembled press and fans. Svetlana sang along as they danced.

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