Ansambel Roka Žlindre in Kalamari to Oslo for Slovenia!

Omar Naber opened the show with his own rocky rendition of the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest winner Insieme 1992. Tonights presenters were Lorella Flego and Andrea F who introduced the 14 competitors.

Tonights running order was as follows :-

  • Marko Vozelj – Moj Si Zrak
  • Nuša Derenda - Sanjajva
  • Langa – Roko Mi Daj
  • Tangels - Kaj In Kam
  • Brigita Šuler – Para Me
  • Anastazija Juvan - Nežna Izpod Prstov
  • Manca Špik – Tukaj Sem Doma
  • Hamo in Gal - Črni Konji Čez Nebo
  • Martina Šraj – Dovolj Ljubezni
  • Stereotipi - Daj Mi En Znak
  • Nina Pušlar – Dež
  • Vlado Pilja - Tudi Fantje Jočejo
  • Ansambel Roka Žlindre in Kalamari – Narodno Zabavni Rock
  • Lea Sirk - Vampir Je Moj Poet 

This year, the winner would be chosen by televoting only. Whilst the televotes were being cast, viewers were treated to an interval act which featured Slovenian artists Quartissimo and Martina, Saša Lendero and Tinkara Kovač before the headline act, last years Eurovision Song Contest winner Alexander Rybak performed his new song Europe's Skies and his winning entry Fairytale.

The results were then announced and it was a resounding victory for Anzambel Roka Žlindre & Kalamari with Narodno Zabavni Rock scoring 15907 televotes. Nina Pušlar finished in second place scoring 3527 televtoes with Dež. Langa finished third with Roko Di Maj picking up 3462 televotes.

Last year, Quartissimo featuring Martina finished in 16th place in the Second Semi Final in Moscow with Love Symphony, and therefore did not qualify for the Final.

Slovenia will participate in the second half of the Second Semi Final of Europe's Favourite TV show on Thursday 27th May.

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