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Anri Jokhadze to represent Georgia

19 February 2012 at 18:06 CET

Just like last year, the Georgian public broadcaster GPB decided to conduct an open selection and organise a national final to choose the Eurovision Song Contest representative. Out of the submissions received, an expert jury chose the following nine acts to compete in tonight's final (in order of appearance):

  • Mirror Illusion - Whisper
  • November - Letter To A Friend
  • Industrial City - Broken
  • Leo Jee - It's My Life
  • Edward Tatiani - Hey You
  • Boris Bedia - It's Life
  • Vanilla Cage - Breaking The Cage
  • REMA - Feel Me
  • Anri Jokhadze - I'm A Joker

The show began with three energetic rock songs, which were all loudly and confidently performed. The contrast couldn't have been bigger when Leo Jee entered the stage afterwards, singing a powerful ballad supported by backing vocalists dressed like angels - one of them was Tamar Vadachkoria, the original lead singer of the band Eldrine!

After that, Edward Tatiani presented his funky song together with a hip-hop artist and several dancers, before Boris Bedia took the stage with a soft-rock ballad that showed off his voice very nicely. The bands Vanilla Cage and REMA both came up with expressive rock songs, making rock undoubtedly the most common music style in this show. Anri Jokhadze finally rounded up the line-up with a euro-pop song.

After all the songs had been presented, it was time for the interval act, where Pikria Mamporia performed a ballad in Georgian language. 

After that, Eldrine, who represented Georgia in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, and Candy, who won the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia, performed. Sabina Babayeva, the Azerbaijani entrant in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, also sang in the show as a special guest.

The final result was a 50/50 combination of televoting and the votes of a professional jury, and according to their joint verdict, the lucky one to represent Georgia in Baku will be Anri Jokhadze, and he will sing I'm A Joker!

Georgia was drawn to take part in the Second Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, to take place on May 24th in Baku. You can watch today's national final again in our ESCTV Player!