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Anouk to represent The Netherlands in 2013?

15 September 2012 at 23:00 CEST

Back in July a rumour appeared that one of The Netherland's biggest stars, Anouk, announced through her twitter that Dutch Television TROS had rejected her bid to represent the country in 2013 even though she had "a killer song". A twitter account that doesn't exist anymore, as Anouk announced through her website that she had no official twitter any longer.

Days after, TROS replied that she didn't contact the TV station but John de Mol, the producer of the Dutch national selection 2012 who, apparently, is now trying to persuade her to go to Eurovision.

What published today is that "the probability that Anouk will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest is fairly large". Daniel Dekker from TROS confirms that  "there have been some meetings and we're putting lots of effort in working towards a solution".

Anouk has a requirement to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest and that is to not participate in a national competition with other artists. According to, until recently TROS stuck to a national selection, but it now seems that they think the program schedules can be deleted.

Anouk Teeuwe, 37, has released eight studio albums being a regular of the Dutch music scene since her biggest hit Nobody's Wife hit the charts in several European countries back in 1997:

The Netherlands won four times the Eurovision Song Contest, the last one of them in 1975 with Teach In's Ding-A-Dong. Recently they didn't reach the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest since 2004.