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Another victory for Charlotte?

13 May 2008 at 14:41 CEST

Dozens of journalists and fans were thrilled to see a highly professional rehearsal from start to end! Charlotte Perrelli is joined by five backing singers - one of them located at the back part of the stage - and it was revealed that she will be wearing a glamourous, silver dress. Charlotte starts her performance on a podium and usess the whole range of stage tricks: a special, jewelled microphone, a windmachine and also a green laser will be used in her performance! She will also have an effective gimmick at the beginning of the song, with her being shown in black and white on screen and suddenly turning to colour after some seconds into the song!

Charlotte Perrelli is no stranger for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest. She won the contest in Jerusalem in 1999 - then still called Charlotte Nilsson - and has been one of the most established stars in her native country of Sweden. Charlotte won the Swedish national final, Melodifestivalen, in March and her song Hero has topped the Swedish charts for several weeks making it the most successful song to date. Her new album was released some weeks ago, and still can be found at no. 3 in this week's official Swedish charts. The Scandinavian is more than a singer though having presented several shows on Swedish television.



In her press conference Charlotte said that lots of things have changed since her first victory in the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest, especially in her private life as she's married with children now. She believes in her song Hero as it is a fantastic song and hopes that people around Europe will like it too. Charlotte admitted that it's her first time in Serbia and that she really likes the country. The group Miodio who are representing San Marino this year were present at Charlotte Perrelli's press conference as well and asked if she would marry any of them, but Charlotte laughingly replied that she is married already, but that she was charmed about the proposal.