Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland) 2nd press conference

The second rehearsal went well for the trio. They incorporated two or three minor changes in the act, one of which being that Anna wants to flirt more with camera. “I’m nervous before I get on stage, so what I do is breathe, breathe, breathe,” the 23-year-old says.

When asked for their goal this year, Anna responds: “The first step is to make it into the finals. Switzerland wasn’t there for a long time. And a spot in the top ten would be great.” Double bass player Georg Dillier goes a step further when he says: “It’s nice to be here, but if you’re in a competition, you want to win.”

Spontaneity is the key for Anna. “We’re here this year but we wouldn’t mind if someone else performs next year. It’s about being spontaneous and that works the first time you’re on stage.”

Finland’s Lordi was a memorable band for the singer born in Basel, especially because of the outfits which were quite special for her. However, she has no serious plans of changing from her red sequined dress into anything else. Although she’d like to perform barefoot, being what she sometimes does. “I like to be grounded.” Anna Rossinelli puts it.   

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