Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland) 1st press conference

When Switzerland selected her for the Eurovision Song Contest in December 2010, she didn’t even know how many people she’d be performing in front of. But that doesn’t faze Anna today. Having worked with handicapped children, she’s a modest and authentic person who seems unimpressed by stardom. "I think the Eurovision Song Contest will bring us experience,” Anna says. “It's good both for me and my musicians to get to perform on this stage.”

Anna has a powerful and knowledgeable musician behind her: David Klein has composed songs for numerous stars that are well-known both in Germany and beyond its borders: Herbert Grönemeyer, Xavier Naidoo and Sarah Connor have performed his works.

But the young woman from Basel is no stranger to music either. At the age of 14, she formed her first a cappella band, in the following years she performed with a number of bands. Later on, she went to the Jazz school of the Basel Music Academy. Singing and piano lessons as well as music theory were on the curriculum.

Remarkable is Anna’s soulful voice, which will bring across the  catchy In Love For A While nicely, that is accompanied by a guitar and a double bass. So far, the group has performed the song for about 350 times. “This is the first time I’ll perform on a really big stage,” Anna says coyly.

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