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Ann Sophie joins German national final line-up

20 February 2015 at 00:27 CET

Ten acts did their best to convince the club audience as well as the TV public of their musical abilities tonight. All entries were not only sang live but also accompanied by a live band! 

In the end, the televoters decided that Ann Sophie would get the wildcard for the German national selection, and thus will participate in Unser Song für Österreich in Hanover on March 5th! You can see a video of her performance of Jump The Gun in the club concert on the NDR website.

Who is Ann Sophie?

Ann Sophie (24) was born in London and grew up in Hamburg. At the age of four, she started with ballet dancing, and at 14 she knew that she wanted to be a singer. Six years later she moved to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute to become an actress.

At the same time she started her music career, singing in bars and recording her first self-written songs. In September 2012 her first album was released, and after three years in the US she moved back to Hamburg. She regularly plays in clubs with her band.

 To find your path of life is not always that easy. Two rules say that you better be yourself, and follow your heart. I am myself when I am music, and I am my heart when I sing. It would be a great honour to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Tonight's club concert was broadcast live from the Große Freiheit club in Hamburg. The concept of this show was to give promising new music acts a chance to gain a spot in the German national final Unser Song für Österreich

The Club Concert

This was the running order of tonight's entries:

  • Klangpoet - 4 u
  • Lars Pinkwart - Tornado
  • Sophie - Imperfection
  • Moonjos - Haggard Heart
  • Louisa - Boomerang
  • Aden Jaron - We're On Fire
  • Alisson Bonnefoy - Burning Down
  • Ann Sophie - Jump The Gun
  • Sendi - Battlefield
  • Ason - Hey you

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After a short interval act, the places 6 to 10 were first announced:

Then it was time for the top 5 - Ann Sophie was crowned the clear winner, with the early favourites Ason coming second behind her:

The Final Line-Up

The German national final will be broadcast live from the Hanover Arena on March 5th at 20:15 CET. Now that the last spot has been allocated, this is the complete line-up:

  • Fahrenhaidt
  • Faun
  • Alexa Feser
  • Mrs. Greenbird
  • Andreas Kümmert
  • Laing
  • Noize Generation
  • Ann Sophie

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Host of the show will be Barbara Schöneberger, the interviews from the green room will be presented by Janin Reinhardt - just like in tonight's club concert.

The Selection Procedure

The ten acts were chosen by a jury out of 1270 videos that had been uploaded by some of Germany's most promising musicians and bands. The jury included representatives of German public TV channel NDR, production company Brainpool, record labels Sony, Universal and Warner, Independent Labels, as well as the "young radio channels" of public broadcaster ARD.

Tonight's decision on the precious eighth spot in the national final was taken solely by televoting.