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Anmary's Beautiful Song wins Latvian final

18 February 2012 at 21:58 CET

The show was hosted by Walter Fridenbergs, Christine Virsnīte and Jolanta Strikaite. As always, the show was held in Ventspils, in the Rio theatre building. There was a distinct oriental flavour to the presentation. Guests from Azerbiajan were also in attendance.

In January, two semi final shows were screened, both of which had ten songs competing.

From each semi final, five songs qualified for the final, resulting in the following line up for tonight:-

  • Ruta Duduma - My World
  • Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija - I Want You Back
  • Grupa 'PeR' - Disco Superfly 
  • Triānas Parks - Stars Are My Family 
  • Paula Dukure - Celebration
  • Andris Abelite - We Can Change The World
  • Anmary - Beautiful Song
  • Elizabete Zagorska - You Are A Star 
  • Mad Show Boys - Music Thief 
  • Roberts Pētersons - She's A Queen

The voting was split 50/50 between the Latvian televoting public and a professional jury.

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Special guests

During the interval acts this evening, last year's Latvian representatives Musiqq performed, as did Swiss 2012 entrants Sinplus who performed their entry Unbreakable. There were also performances from the cello trio Da Gamba and from Olga Rajecka.

Marie N, the winner of the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest for Latvia was on the jury. She also returned later to perform a French song.

The three highest scoring songs in the first round, then contested a super final. The lucky three were:-

  • Samanta Tina & Davids Kalandija - I Want You Back (2nd place)
  • Anmary - Beautiful Song (Winner)
  • Mad Show Boys - Music Thief  (3rd place)

After Anmary was announced as the winner, a group of dancers from Azerbaijan performed a routine before the winning reprise.

Latvia will perform in the first half of the First Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest, on Tueday 22nd May in Baku.