Presenters of Eurovision 2011: Anke Engelke, Judith Rakers & Stefan Raab
Presenters of Eurovision 2011: Anke Engelke, Judith Rakers & Stefan Raab Photo:

Anke, Judith and Stefan speak to the press

After the first dress rehearsal for the first Semi-Final had finished, the three presenters of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest came to the press conference area to meet the press and fans. 

They were joined by Executive Producer Thomas Schreiber and Jörg Grabosch from Brainpool. 

Anke was asked about speaking two other languages to which she said in a French accent "I have been practicing the three languages and I think it is going to be an entertaining evening". 

She went on, "The rehearsal might have seemed a little bit wild but in the show we will keep the timing and keep to schedule so the rehearsal and the show will be quite different", Anke went on to say when talking about the first dress rehearsal of the first Semi-Final, "Stefan disagrees with the fact that women need some time to prepare to get on stage". 

The hosts were then asked about how they got on, on stage. "We get on quite well on stage. Everything Stefan and I don't remember, Judith and I know so it's fine", said Anke. 

"We are diverse people for a diverse contest", said Judith when describing herself and the other hosts. 

An Australian journalist asked the  to read out something that Australian viewers will never hear to which the reporters read out, "Australia, 12 Points" in English, French and German. 

Stefan Raab was asked about how easy his job was.  "The hardest part is performing as an artist. Being a host is not the hardest part. I'm not scared but if I was Judith I would be scared because she is new to all this. For me this is a very easy job to do as it is what I do every day".

"I'm looking forward to having a lot of people in front of me and around me. That is the most exciting part of the whole show. That there are so many people around sharing the moment and to me that is what the Eurovision Song Contest is all about", said Anke when answering the same question, "I enjoy working and performing in front of 10 people, 10,000 people or 100,000,000 people. It doesn't matter. 

The presenters were asked if they have worked together before and how they prepared as a team. "Anke and I have worked together before on shows like "Danke Anke" and "Late Night". We have watched Judith on the TV for some years", said Stefan. 

Judith was asked how she kept the two comedians in check. "That is not easy as you can see. Everyone has their own role on the stage but it is going to be very interesting for the audience", she said. 

Anke said "We are like Charlies Angels. You watch the show for one of the three chicks so pick one!". 

The trio were asked about the final show and who will perform "Satellite" in the final show as Lena is already singing for Germany. Stefan Raab said, "This will be a big secret". 

Anke, Judith and Stefan were asked to sing a song and Stefan said "We want to sing something everyone can sing along to". So they sang "Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann", a very famous German folk song. 

They were asked how they will make the show funny and entertaining for all 55 countries the show will be broadcast… "You can never really know what is going to happen during the show but people have travelled from very far to represent their country. There isn't much room for improvisation as in my other shows as there is a tight schedule. I think the excitement of the evening is the main host", said Anke. 

Some photos from the press conference:

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A video of the press conference and an interview with Judith Rakers:

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