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Animated broadcast logo presented at Junior 2012

30 November 2012 at 12:24 CET
The stage of Junior Eurovision 2012 EBU
From 2012 all European Broadcasting Union (EBU) co-productions will come under one brand, the EUROVISION brand.

We're all used to the EBU vignette that starts among others, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest as well as the Eurovision Song Contest version of it. You know the clip that always gives everyone the chills and you just know one of the biggest nights of the year is going to start in just a bit? Of course you do.

No changes to the song contest logos

But you should not worry - there are no changes to the Eurovision Song Contest nor the Junior Eurovision Song Contest logos.

However, what this means is the vignette will be new and you'll be able to see it tomorrow night as well as in our video below. It is the latest element to be unveiled from the EBU EUROVISION corporate identity project launched in autumn 2012.

The pulsing circle is central to the organisation's visual identity, with strong links to previous logos. It reflects EUROVISION's modern outward look and its ability to unite audiences in a unique, international broadcast experience.

Avril Mahon Roberts, Head of Corporate Identity said the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is the ideal platform for the launch: "The event represents the true spirit of EUROVISION, bringing European audiences together to share fun, family entertainment. It's appropriate it should be the first programme to carry the logo. "

So, tune in for the contest tomorrow and get two things at once - an amazing night at the world's best song contest for young stars as well as the new broadcast logo!