Christos Mylordos represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf
Christos Mylordos represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf Photo: EBU

Angles and an angel for Cyprus

It was back in September 2010 that Christos Mylordos was selected to represent his country as a result of winning the Performance show. Now eight months later he finally has the opportunity to get accustomed to the huge stage that he will perform on in the Second Semi-Final.

Just prior to his rehearsal Christos Mylordos was quiet and concentrated backstage, but he kindly took some time to say a few words to

Have a look at the group backstage.

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"There are lots of things to think of, practice, rehearsals...we had to do a lot of work. We had to find the song and the way that we were going to create this. After we found the song we had to do it all from the beginning. In the end, everything was okay, I love the final result. We have something different from our previous song presentation."

 Eurovision is something very important and different. You can usually only do it once in your life. Some people pass here two or three times, but for most it's only once.

The delegation has put a lot of effort into the stage show, and they too have brought their own different touch to the visual presentation.

It's just an illusion

Christos and his backing group of four male vocalists/dancers are all dressed in black with touches of silver in their belts and accessories.There is alsoa  female backing vocalist who is located on the satellite stage. For parts of the song the men cleverly lean over at around a 45 degree angle. The reason they don't fall over is that they are strapped into boots that are fixed to the floor to help them create the illusion, and the addition of dry ice helps the effect.


As they have to change positions several times this requires some quick work by the men to get everything achieved in time.

The background is very dark, with diamonds and crystals floating around, and orange balloon like objects that lean over in the same angles as the performers.

You can see from our pictures how some of the effect is created.

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Afterwards the Cypriot delegation had an opportunity to view back the rehearsal, they decided that they need to make some small changes, to make sure everything is 100%. The timings for the men to change into the boots is extremely tight, but they are confident that they have found the solutions, by fine tuning a few shots.

The final press conference of the day then took place, and the staging of the song was a topic that came up several times. Christos explained that as the song was sung in the Greek language, they wanted to try and convey with the movements the feeling of the song, which was explained translates as I Loved You Like an Angel, "I think we all have lost an angel we love" added Christos.

He had received some advice from previous Cypriot entrants, Constantas from 2003 and Constantinos Christoforou who both told him it would be an amazing experience, and to just enjoy it. Christos admitted that he might be a little nervous when it comes to the big night, and the arena is full with a larger audience present, but hopes to take Cyprus through to the Final for the second year in succession.

Here is Christos Mylordos along with the composers and backing group at the press conference.

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All about Christos

Christos Mylordos was born on the 30th of April,1991 in Nicosia. He studied at first in a Greek school and later on he moved to an English school from which he graduated in 2010. At the age of 13 he started piano, guitar and vocal lessons and had a degree from Royal School of Music and Rock school of Music.

 He worked for 2 years as a professional singer. He took part in many festivals and contests and also he performed at many concerts and many shows in Cyprus. He has two CD singles which were launched in Cyprus and Greece. His hobbies include tennis, swimming and informatics.

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