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Anggun echoes the Baku Crystal Hall

19 May 2012 at 16:05 CEST
Anggun performed her song 'Echo (You And I)' in Baku EBU

Moments ago the delegation of France arrived at the Baku Crystal Hall. It's time for the first rehearsal of France at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and we met their performer Anggun backstage:

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The stage lights go all blue for France. Anggun is right in the middle while two dancers backflip their way onto the stage from the sides and surround her. There's a lot of dancing around Anggun for her performance of Echo (You And I), and the veil she is wearing gives us an idea of how the final dress will look like.

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The dress is designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Anggun and her team want to keep it secret until the last moment, which will probably be on the dress rehearsals.

There are five people with Anggun on stage, two backing singers and the three acrobatic dancers in what it looks one of the most energetic performances in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest.

Anggun was greeted by a huge applause when she entered the press conference stage in Baku. "This is my very first time in Baku, and it's been in my head, in my mind and in my heart for five months to finally come here. Baku is just like me - somewhere in the middle between Europe and Asia", she stated in the beginning of the conference.

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Regarding her first rehearsal, she stated: "The first rehearsal is always a bit tricky. So far we have been rehearsing in front of the mirror, so it was very different today on stage. For us it is a bit frustrating that everyone witnesses that, as it's still work in progress, and we are not yet satisfied with it. But we hope it will be fine by next week."

"We don't have time. We have the feeling that the world is small, but this is just the virtual world. We are lacking the essence of the human life", Anggun summed up the meaning of her Eurovision song. Anggun also explained why a small pig appeared in the official video clip: "I said: whatever animal, just no reptile. And he came up with a baby pig! He was really cute. You know, we're very animal-friendly."