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Angelina Mango triumphs in Italy: 'La Noia' is the winner of 'Sanremo' 2024

11 February 2024 at 02:37 CET
Angelina Mango is the winner of Sanremo 2024 Andrea Bianchera
After 5 nights, the 74th edition of 'Festival di Sanremo' has wrapped. Angelina Mango has won the prestigious song contest with 'La Noia' and will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

On Saturday 10 February - and well into the early hours of Sunday 11 February - Sanremo in Italy drew to its exciting conclusion. 

The gala evening came to us live from the iconic Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, Liguria. And we were glued to our screens as 30 songs by some of the country's most established and acclaimed artists were performed for us. 

Angelina Mango lifted the sought-after Sanremo trophy after a spellbinding performance of the song La Noia.

5 nights of Sanremo meant 5 nights of voting. And after a final ranking of all 30 songs on Saturday night, we had a Top 5 of the 74th edition of Festival di Sanremo. The scores were reset to zero and the voting reopened. 

The winner was then decided via a public vote (34%), a vote from the jury of radio broadcasters  (33%) and a vote from the jury of members of the press (33%).

Angelina Mango has the honour of being the artist behind the winning song of Sanremo 2024, La Noia.

The artist won with 40.3% of the vote. In second place, on 25.2%, was the song I p' me, tu p' te by Geolier. And in third, on 17.1%, was Sinceramente by Annalisa.

At a press conference on Sunday 11 February, broadcaster Rai and Angelina Mango jointly confirmed that the artist would represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö.  

With 4 platinum records, two gold records, a completely sold-out tour, appearances at the top of the sales charts and some of the most played songs on the radio, Angelina Mango was one of the break-out stars of 2023 in Italy.

2024 saw her compete for the very first time at Sanremo. The singer became the first female artist to win the contest in 10 years. 

Angelina Mango's music is a mix that brings together different influences, including Italian and American rap, r&b and instrumental music. In her songs, the singer-songwriter addresses issues and themes that are relevant to her, such as the anxieties of GenZ, love, the need for freedom and the value of family.

Beloved by her fanbase on social media, Angelina Mango has a huge following, particularly on TikTok. There, the official sounds of the singles Che to' dico a fa and Ci pensiamo domani have recorded over 187,000 and 223,000 uses respectively.


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