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Andrius sings confidently to the cameras

Posted 10 May 2013 at 18:00

And Andrius follows these cameras all the way round the stage, as if it's a chase game, and gazes into them for his three minutes on the stage while he's performing Something.
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Not much has changed since the first rehearsal, his background is still lit in purple, and he is accompanied by four backing singers whom Andrius likes to call his "Beatles".
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May we remind you that Andrius Pojavis will perform a concert for the Lithuanian community next Saturday at the Gunnetorpsgård restaurant in Höganäs.

The press conference

Andrius Pojavis told at his press conference in the Malmö Arena that the Lithuanian entry Something is written especially for Eurovision.
Andrius lived for a while in Ireland and worked as a hotel receptionist. He's also been a history teacher "but I guess I wasn't born to be a teacher". Nowadays he shares his life between Lithuania and also Italy "where I'm mostly inspired to write and make my music".
From the history of Eurovision he likes many songs but he remembered particularly Waterloo by ABBA and the Olsen Brothers' winning song in 2000 Fly On The Wings Of Love.
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We then met Andrius backstage where he told us he was satisfied with his rehearsal. Getting used to the stage and feeling more comfortable than the first day. "I feel more relaxed up there so probably I'll look happier in the next rehearsal".
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