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Andrius Pojavis wins Lithuanian final!

20 December 2012 at 23:43 CET

The race to represent Lithuania at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest is over. Moments ago the following seven songs competed for the ticket to Malmö (click on the song titles to watch their semi-final performaces): 

  1. BOŽOLĖ - Happy And Free (Andrius Borisevičius, Audrius Balsevičius) 
  2. IEVA ZASIMAUSKAITĖ & GABRIELIUS VAGELIS - I Fall In Love (Raigardas Tautkus, Raimondas J.Nabus)
  3. GERAI GERAI & MISS SHEEP - War In The Warderobe (Vilius Tamošaitis) 
  4. LINAS ADOMAITIS - I W 2night (Linas Adomaitis, Bjorn Hansen) 
  5. DAR - JUMP! (Arvydas Martinėnas, Gorgi)
  6. GIRMANTĖ VAITKUTĖ - Time To Shine (Vytautas Bikus, Girmantė Vaitkutė)
  7. ANDRIUS POJAVIS - Something (Andrius Pojavis)

The eighth finalist, Monika, who was drawn number 8 in the running order, couldn't performed  in the final due to laryngitis. Andrius Pojavis was the one who got the best positive reaction in the mobile app balsuok! and DAR won the poll, but both results had no power in the actual outcome.

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Then three of the songs were voted through the super-final stage (winner in bold):

As informed before this was a very open competition and the final result was unexpected and somewhat surprising; Something barely reached the final. Andrius Pojavis (pictured above) will compete in Malmö where he will try to reach the Eurovision Song Contest Final for the third time in a row for Lithuania. In Baku last May the country was represented by Donny Montell's Love Is Blind.

You can watch the show on demand in our ESCTV player!