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Andorra: Girl Power on stage

03 May 2009 at 15:38 CEST

Susanne is accompanied on stage by two female guitarists and another two backing vocalists. Andorra this year it seems, have opted for simple choreography and presentation with Susanne and the other four girls walking and moving around the stage throughout the song, choosing to focus more on the vocal aspect than trying to distract the viewer with other gimmicks.The stage is lit with a red and blue coloured backdrop.


During the press conference afterwards, a journalist asked Susanne why the song was changed from predominantly Catalan when it won the Andorran national selection, to now the majority of the song in English. She replied "That was a decision taken by the television company, and we all want to try and get to the final as we haven't managed that in six years. So we felt that although we wanted to keep a local feel to the song, it's important that it's also understood to a wider audience."

Susanne told the press that in Andorra, with a small community the profile of the Eurovision Song Contest is very high. "We feel that Andorra is now a full Eurovision country!"  she says. Although Susanne intends to party whilst in Moscow, she is determined that her goal is to get to the final and ultimately win. She states amongst her musical influences are The Carpenters, but would not be drawn on her opinions and thoughts of the other songs and competitors in Moscow.

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The Press conference closed with Susanne and her backing vocalists performing a very slow acapella version of their contest entry.

Susanne Georgi was born in Denmark but has lived in Andorra for the last 13 years. She is part of the pop-duo Me & My who achieved an international breakthrough with their song Dub I Dub. It turned out to be one of the 90's inescapable hits and marked the start of a pop-music adventure for Susanne and her sister Pernille Georgi.The album represented an entirely new style of Danish pop music and, as a result, Me & My's sales figures reached almost explosive figures with over 3 million albums sold worldwide and 6 album-releases. In the spring of 1997 they were awarded with two golden disc awards for the year's best-selling international album and as best-selling foreign artists in Japan. Susanne Georgi is now working on her first solo-album with a pop/rock style.

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