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Andorra: A game of three songs tonight!

04 February 2009 at 03:33 CET

Tonight the show is on from Andorra, when Apolo Andorra Hall in Andorra la Vella forms the venue for the Andorran national final for Eurovision, hosted by Meri Picart. The competition has boiled down to three entries:

1. Susanne Georgi – La Teva Decisió
2. Mar Capdevila – Passió Obsessiva
3. Lluís Cartes – Exhaust

The participating entries have been presented to the public in three shows televised by Ràdio i Televisió d'Andorra on 14, 21 and 28 January.

Since entering the Eurovision Song Contest in 2004, Andorra’s best result has been a 12th place in the semi-final of 2007 with Anonymous’ Salvem El Món. The results made RTVA to consider the participation in the 2009 contest carefully. After some doubt, a new format for the national selection was presented, with a final consisting of three songs.

The participating songs have been selected by an expert jury, who also chose the artists. In the selection of artists, for whom the age limit has been 18 years, the singer’s musical experience and fluency in Catalan, as well as English and French, has been taken into account.

Almost half of the originally record-breaking 107 entries came from Andorra. Among the remaining, 27 came from the neighbouring country of Spain, 8 from the other neighbour France, a further 8 entries from France and Lithuania, 6 from Sweden, 4 from Greece and Malta, 3 from Belgium, 2 from Ireland and Israel and 1 from Iceland and the United Kingdom.

The national final of Andorra is broadcast live on the Internet at the official Andorran website. The result will be decided by jury voting combined with televoters using SMS voting.

In the Eurovision Song Contest of 2008 Andorra finished 16th out of 19 entries in the first semi-final with Casanova by Gisela, thus failing to qualify for the final.