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And the ten qualifiers are...

Posted 12 May, 2011, 22:58

From 21:00 to 23:00 on May 12th, the Second Semi-Final of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest was held. The show was hosted by Judith Rakers, Anke Engelke and Stefan Raab.
Out of the 19 countries that were represented in the First Semi-Final, the following qualified for the Final, to be held on May 14th (in the order of the announcement in the live show, running order drawn during the winners press conference in brackets):
  • Estonia (Running order position in the Final: 8)
  • Romania (Running order position in the Final: 17)
  • Moldova (Running order position in the Final: 15)
  • Ireland (Running order position in the Final: 6)
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina (Running order position in the Final: 2)
  • Denmark (Running order position in the Final: 3)
  • Austria (Running order position in the Final: 18)
  • Ukraine (Running order position in the Final: 23)
  • Slovenia (Running order position in the Final: 20)
  • Sweden (Running order position in the Final: 7)
The qualifiers were announced in random order. You can find the complete line-up of the First Semi-Final on our Event Page. Check out the final running order in our Grand Final event page.
The full running order for the Final is now complete and reads as follows :-
  1. Finland
  2. Bosnia & Herzegovina
  3. Denmark
  4. Lithuania
  5. Hungary
  6. Ireland
  7. Sweden
  8. Estonia
  9. Greece
  10. Russia
  11. France
  12. Italy
  13. Switzerland
  14. United Kingdom
  15. Moldova
  16. Germany
  17. Romania
  18. Austria
  19. Azerbaijan
  20. Slovenia
  21. Iceland
  22. Spain
  23. Ukraine
  24. Serbia
  25. Georgia
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