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Anastasiya Vinnikova

Anastasiya and the Belarusian delegation were quite satisfied with their second rehearsal. Some additional changes may occur before the upcoming performance.

When asked if her song was meant to promote tourism in Belarus, Anastasiya responded: “The song is about the love of a girl for her country. I think that Minsk and Vitebsk are great places to visit. There are lots of historical towns and villages dating from the 19th century where you can try our national cuisine and see our cultural festivals. There are lots of nature and animals - so come and visit!”

Eugene made reference to a previous song 'Born in Belarus', which had originally been selected for entry, but was rejected because it had been publicly performed before the date permitted by official Eurovision Song Contest rules. He was very glad that he was able to replace the rejected song with I Love Belarus: “I wrote the song in 3 days because it was necessary. I believe that this song is much better than our previous version. I Love Belarus is very powerful. When I wrote the song I had ideas - I wanted to make music with cymbals and powerful backup vocals. I am fully satisfied with everything I saw today.”

When a journalist asked Anastasiya how she reconciled her love for Belarus with the realities of its dictatorial leadership, she responded: “Eurovision is a contest of music and not a political contest. I can say that I'm really happy when all of Europe sings together with me: 'I Love Belarus'. That is the most important for me.”

In response to questions about her Contest chances and whether she carries a lucky charm, Anastasiya answered: “I don't believe in talismans. I just believe in myself, my team, which supports me, and God. I don't like to think too far ahead.” However, Eugene revealed that Anastasiya's bus driver had in fact given her an elephant-shaped mini-figurine for good luck.

Anastasiya considers Eurovision to be “a very good start” to her career. She and Eugene intend to continue their collaboration after the Contest and compete in a Belarusian music festival.

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