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An inspiring childhood song from The Netherlands

18 May 2012 at 16:32 CEST

Joan Franka from the Netherlands took her second rehearsal very seriously. Before entering the stage, she was a bit nervous and tried to concentrate only on her performance.

Joan appeared on stage in an elegant long azure dress. She was accompanied by her band consisting of four young men playing the guitar, violin, accordion and banjo. Together with the musicians, Joan delivered a very inspiring performance.

Red, yellow and orange flames dominated the LEDs. The blue strings were also shown on the background that fit Joan’s dress very well.

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In the press conference, Joan was asked how her second rehearsal went. “It was good. The sound was good.” Now, Joan feels better prepared for the Second Semi-Final.

One journalist asked Joan about her new album and if all her songs were written by her. "Yes, music is my diary, my life. The songs are similar to the Eurovision entry in a happy sense. There are some folk songs and some ballads."

During the press conference, Joan sang a part of her song You And Me as well as her favourite song One Of Us.

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