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An emotional plea from Axel Hirsoux

02 May 2014 at 18:38 CEST

Hear my plea

Axel Hirsoux is the only singer on the stage, as his song is an emotional plea to his Mother, and builds up steadily throughout the performance.

There are no props or visual distractions, though there is one female dancer ( Isabelle Beernaert), dressed entirely in black, in the background, who executes a number of slow dance moves, with the aid of a wind machine, set at a light breeze, to add some effect.

To reflect the nature of the song, there are some long, slow, sweeping camera shots, rather than the rapid cuts between shots that you find on some of the more energetic, high tempo songs in the contest. The steadycam operator is used a couple of times throughout the song, as he sweeps around Axel for some of the close up shots. However the singer seems to take it all in his stride, and gives a strong powerful performance of this emotive entry.

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The colour purple

There is some soft light shining down on Axel from above, and the main colour is purple, both on the background screen, and on the edges of the cube, as short bursts of purple light rise up from the stage.

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For my father and everyone

Axel felt that today's rehearsal was better than the first rehearsal on Monday, mainly because everything was for the first time. Now he is is really calm with the stage and he is ready for the Semi-Final.

The moderator asked why should Europe vote for his song? "Why not?" was his instant answer, before going into more detail "it is universal, everyone loves their mother, and I sing it for the entire audience."

That also includes his father, as one journalist asked about how Axel's father felt about him singing about his mother? "My father is very proud, as I sing it for all people, brothers and sisters. I sing with my heart."

He is also singing for the entire country of Belgium. Although Axel is from the French part of the country, he is representing VRT, which is the Flemish broadcaster that is in charge of the Belgian selection this year.

"It is not is just Belgium" states Axel "the casting was open for all, both the French and the Flemish too. It is my country and I sing for Belgium in the Eurovision. It is proof that Belgium is open and not just political, all of the country is with me."

Someone else who is with him is the dancer, Isabelle Beernaert, who as a choreographer probably never expectedto perform on the Eurovision stage. "It is great" she exclaimed "we have a connection and a chemistry, and Axel finds it important that I am here, and for deaf people it is an interpretation of the song, and elevates it differently."