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An analysis of the Danish acts

30 January 2014 at 01:06 CET

The line-up

Bryan Rice and Danni Elmo are making comebacks and the female contingent is represented by a number of exciting artists including Anna David and Nadia Malm from the DJ-duo Svenstrup and Vendelboe. For the third year in a row, a previous X Factor contestant is also taking part: A several years of futile attempts, this year DR has managed to persuade Basim to take part in the Danish national selection. Basim could end up in quite a special position. He is risking victory and failure at the same time. As an artist, Basim is taking part with the song Cliché Love Song which he partially wrote himself. However, if Emilie Moldow wins with the song Vi Finder Hjem, he will still be part of the winning team as he also contributed to writing this entry.

Emilie Moldow was incidentally a participant in the children’s MGP in 2001 and bears a number of similarities to Alicia Keys. 

Sonny, who is bet known as a dancer is also part of this year’s line-up. Together with his sister, Gigi, he previously tried to make it as a singer, but didn’t have the greatest success. If he is going to manage it this year, his vocals will need to be at least as good as his dance moves. 

In addition, this years line-up also boats a number of lesser known names such as Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez, Rebekka Thornbech and GlamboyP. The latter is most known for being a member of the boy band Fu:el, who won the talent show Popstars back in 2003. The group’s debut album only sold 5000 copies, however, and Fu:el was quickly forgotten. 

So who is going win?

Without having heard any of this year’s songs, it is of course difficult to predict who has the biggest chances of winning in Odense. 

In 2010, Bryan rice came second in a very strong line-up, and he definitely has to counted amount the favourites this year with the song I Choose U. Anna David will no doubt also be one of this years favourites, as well as Nadia Malm. Together with Svenstrup and Vendelboe, she has already shown that she is an extremely talented artist with a very beautiful voice.

Even though Basim only came fourth in X Factor back in 2008, he has managed to make music into his living. But it isn’t necessary the participants with the biggest fame factor that can win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Emmelie de Forest is a prime example of this. 

Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 will take place at Arena Fyn in Odense on the 8th of March. Denmark, as the host country, is directly qualified to the Grand Final of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest taking place on the 10th of May in Copenhagen.